Potentialiste Bundle


Potentialiste Bundle


Rid your hair of excess oil and grease with Bain Divalent. This oily hair shampoo purifies your scalp and nourishes your lengths.

  • Purifies the scalp to reduce excess oil and odors
  • Adds volume to flat, oily hair +61%
  • Facilitates detangling +20%
  • Gently nourishes lengths. Leaves the hair soft & shiny.

Argile Équilibrante Cleansing Clay, 250ml

The best hair mask for damaged and dry hair. Made with purifying clay, this hair mask is here to tend to your needs.

  • A purifying clay that deeply, yet gently cleanses and purifies the scalp.
  • Helps balance sebum level on hair.
  • Removing pollution & impurities without stripping.
  • Leaves scalp feeling invigorated and refreshed.
  • Adds more volume +74%
  • Detangles hair +82%.
  • Provides a root lift effect.
  • Nourishes hair.

Masque Réhydratant Hair Mask, 200ml

Give your hair ultra-moisturizing action. Learn more about this hair mask for dry hair and begin nourishing today.

  • Lightweight gel-masque that instantly rebalances hair’s hydration
  • Restore hair quality.
  • Detangles hair (+81%) strands with a lightweight finish.
  • Leaves hair hydrated and shiny (+50%).

Sérum Potentialiste, 90ml

Nurture and nourish dry hair with the Sérum Potentialiste. Dry hair will never be the same with this highly-moisturizing hair serum!

  • Fights scalp imbalances.
  • Preserves the protective scalp barrier against external damages and aggressors.
  • Soothes and calms the scalp area.
  • Leaves the scalp feeling fresh, healthier and stronger.
  • The roots are lifted up.
  • Revitalized the scalp.