Dermal Fillers

Dermal Fillers

Does the loss of youthful facial volume, deep wrinkles or other structural issues bother you?

Dermal fillers provide an increasingly popular non-surgical solution for facial rejuvenation and facial contouring with minimal to no down time, in the hands of the right practitioners.

What are dermal fillers?

Dermal fillers replace volume and structure in the face lost through the aging process. Dermal fillers are generally used to treat folds, creases, and deeper lines that appear over time. They can be used to improve facial proportions, add lost volume, enhance your lips, contour your jaw line, and even enhance the natural look of your nose without surgery. At Victoria Park Medispa, we will determine the best treatment plan according to your facial symmetry and proportions to ensure natural, beautiful results with the help of our experienced and knowledgable service providers.

The leading brands of dermal fillers include Juvederm®, Restylane®, and Belotero®. The products are specialized formulations of hyaluronic acid, a substance that is naturally present in the human body. We also offer Radiesse®, a calcium-based dermal filler with a longer lifespan, and Sculptra®, a product that stimulates your body’s own collagen production. We will choose the best option of product(s) based on your needs. 


How long is a dermal filler treatment?

A treatment usually takes around fifteen to thirty minutes depending on the area treated, following an in-depth consultation with one of our physician specialists.

How soon can I see results?

Treatment results can be noticed immediately and generally last between eight and eighteen months.

How does it feel?

Treatment is relatively pain-free. There may be some temporary soreness or swelling post-treatment.

How do I get started?

A consultation for aesthetic injectables with one of our physician specialists is between $125 and $200. We perform a complete review of your age, facial structure, skin type and the improvements you would like to see. We then walk you through the various options that could have the greatest benefit for you, review before and after photos, and develop a treatment program together.

How much does dermal filler treatments cost?

Treatment with dermal fillers can start at about $600 but is dependent on the types and amounts of products used to give you the optimum natural-looking rejuvenated result.