Feel confident about CoolSculpting® technology

It’s easy to get started on your CoolSculpting® journey. Your first step will be scheduling a one-on-one consultation with a CoolSculpting® healthcare practitioner.

Reshape your body

The CoolSculpting® fat-freezing procedure destroys fat cells in different areas around the body*.

Coolsculpting may also be used to redefine the shape of your face by getting rid of a recalcitrant fat surplus in the neck and chin. Contact one of our specialists for more information.


What is Coolscutlpting?

Coolsculpting is a leading non-invasive fat reducing treatment. Through its patented technology, this controlled cooling process also known as Cryolipolysis destroys stubborn fat cells that are otherwise difficult to loose with diet and exercise.

Your medispa technician will evaluate the area(s) you wish to treat and answer all of your
questions during your consultation. Usually one to two treatments are required depending on
the desired fat loss.

What can I expect during a Coolsculpting treatment?

The duration of your treatment depends on the area(s) you wish to treat. A minimum of 35
minutes per area is required. Most people will feel no pain during this proceedure. During
treatment, clients report feeling a cold sensation which subsides shortly, followed by a sensation
of numbness. Some describe a slight discomfort once the treatment is complete, usually feeling a tingling sensation as the effects of the cooling wear off. With no downtime, a return to regular activities can be resumed immediately after your Cool sculpting treatment.

During a session, clients are welcomed to watch a movie, catch up on their emails, or just sit back and relax.

How soon can I see results?

Results can be seen as early as a few weeks following treatment, with the most dramatic results
appearing after one to two months. To maintain your results, we recommend following a
healthy lifestyle with diet and exercise.

How much does Coolsculting cost?

Depending on how many areas or treatments you wish to treat, cost starts at $750.

Which areas can be treated with Coolsculpting?

For many, even with diet and exercise loosing pockets of fat in specific areas of their body can
be very difficult. Coolsculpting can be especially helpful in treating fat in areas such as the sides or flanks, abdomen, inner thighs, back including upper arms, knees and chin.

Is Coolsculpting safe?

More than 7 million CoolSculpting® treatment cycles have been performed worldwide‡,
Developed by Harvard scientists, this unique treatment provides clients with one of the most sought out treatment for non-surgical fat reduction.

CoolSculpting uses precisely controlled cooling to target fat cells underneath the skin, without compromising surrounding tissue. With its built-in safety measures, sensors can detect the
skin’s temperature and will shut down automatically if the skin is becoming too cold.

Although most clients can enjoy the benefits of CoolSculpting, there are some that are not ideal
candidates. Your medispa technician will go over all contraindications with you and assess if this treatment is right for you. Some of these contraindications include those who are seeking weight loss for obesity, ideally candidates should be close to their ideal weight. Those having the following conditions should not undergo this treatment. These include: cold agglutinin disease or paroxysmal cold haemaglobinuria, and cryoglobulinaemia.