Extentioniste Weakened Hair Set


Hair set that optimizes and reinforces the length of damaged hair. The set includes a shampoo & conditioner boosted with Creatine and a hair primer heat-protecting gel cream formulated with Creatine R and Taurine to reinforce and seal lengths and ends and protects against heat up to 450˚F.

This set includes:

Bain Extentioniste, 250mL

Length strengthening shampoo for slow growing, damaged lengths.

Fondant Extentioniste, 200mL

Length strengthening conditioner for slow growing, damaged lengths.

- Supports hair lengths
- Protects hair fibres
- Nourishes and seals split ends
- Detangles hair

Sérum Extentioniste, 50mL

Fortifiez vos cheveux et protégez votre cuir chevelu contre les agressions de l’environnement avec le sérum capillaire Sérum Extensioniste.