Blonde Highlights Hair Set

Distributeur Kérastase


1. Bain Lumière, 250mL

A hydrating, treating shampoo that illuminates bleached to highlighted hair. The cool, transparent gel is infused with hydrating agents for a sensation of soft, weightless touch.

- Provides durable hydration and luminous shine
- Leaves hair 8x visibly shinier when used with the Fondant Cicaflash
- Removes impurities & pollution particles
- Prevents pollution from redepositing on fiber
- Combined with the Fondant Cicaflash, leaves hair 11X more resistant to breakage
- Combined with the Fondant Cicaflash or the Masque Ultra-violet, hair fibers are nourished up to 24 hours
- Provides immediate and 24 hours long-lasting shine

2. Masque Ultra-Violet, 200mL

A rich deep purple hair mask that neutralizes brassiness & unwanted yellow tones while deeply nourishing & restoring sensitized, lightened hair. Keeps your blonde hair cool longer.

- Neutralizes brassy & yellow undertones
- Ultra-nourishing formula
- Illuminate cool blondes for even more brightness
- Restores shine and softness

3. Sérum Cicaplasme, 150mL

A fortifying heat-protecting serum for all blonde hair types. Use it on wet or dry hair, during the day or overnight, for smooth, protected, ultra-soft hair and color stability.

- Leaves hair 97% stronger
- Provides immediate and 24 hours long-lasting frizz control even in high conditions of humidity
- Protects from heat up to 230°C
- Prevents pollution from redepositing on fiber
- UV filters protect lightened hair from daily oxidation and sun exposure.