For those of us not blessed enough to live in the southern hemisphere, getting enough rays for a tan can be tricky. Pasty winter skin can be a little … well, embarrassing. Have no fear, Vita Liberata is here! Be a bronzed goddess with their range of professional products and fabulous self-tanners. Here are the details on a few of the most popular products. Be informed to customise the best routine for you! 

1. Spray Tan

Vita Liberated is a non-toxic and organic formula. The active ingredient DHA, is derived from sugar beets, and is a safe way to tan. Since this product works with the PH of the skin, it will not go “orange” or too dark. In fact, the product activates the skin’s natural melanin, the element responsible for creating colour in our skin. There is a light, medium and dark solution to suit all tastes.


It’s important to properly prepare for a tan to get the best results. The day before the appointment, complete a full body exfoliation and moisturise the skin. The day of the spray tan avoid moisturiser and deodorant. This will enable the product to fully absorb. Certain deodorants or antiperspirants tend to react with the solution and change the colour, so its best to avoid it.

What to expect

Wear loose dark clothing to the appointment. This will avoid transferring the fresh spray tan. The Spray Tan technician will bring you to a private heated and ventilated room. Disposable undergarments are provided or you can wear your own. You can chose what to wear depending on what tan lines are acceptable. It’s normal to feel a little shy and chilly during a professional spray tan, but the instant gorgeous results are worth it!


Avoid showering for 12 hours to let the spray tan take hold. Then moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! Avoid exfoliating and stripping off the tanned skin cells. To prolong the life of your tan, build on your base with a self-tanner.

2. Self Tanner

Vita Liberata has a range of wonderful self-tanners. Ranging from mousse, to cream, to powders, to dry oils to anti-aging serums. Their is the right product for everyone! Their special odour lock technology minimises that icky “tanner” smell. Most people find that they only smell the DHA tanning agent that is derived from sugar beet.


This lovely mousse self-tanner has a 2-3 week lifespan and comes in medium and dark. Apply with Vita Liberata’s glove for a flawless finish. Follow these simple tanning tips for the best results. And this great product made it on to Glamour’s Beauty Power List 2017

Trystal Minerals Self Tanning Bronzing Minerals

For something easy and different, try this mineral bronzing powder. It mixes with liquid foundation or moisturiser to subtly and gradually tan the skin. A kabuki powder brush is included for easy application.

Vita Liberta’s founder, Alyson Hogg, created a “mineral foundation coverage, stunning instant bronzing, lasting definition…all in a pure, oil-free formula. It’s incredible, and perfect for summer skin – all year round!”

Hello subtle sun-kissed glow!
Ryan Hudson