Winter’s harsh weather takes a toll on your largest organ – your skin! While drinking enough water and eating healthy are key ingredients, there are other ways to be proactive. Take it from our highly qualified estheticians: treatments, topical creams and proper sun protection are an absolute must

The first step to gorgeous summer skin is getting rid of the old dead surface cells. Esthetician Mirela Otoiu Stanescu recommends a Gel Peel to start. Follow this up with a an Oxygen Facial or Collagen Facial to boots hydration, rejuvenate skin, and increase elasticity.

According to Mirela, another key element is daily skin care. Why throw away the benefits of a professional exfoliation and facial with under-performing products? “Vitamin C and antioxidants as a whole are key this time of year. They brighten the skin and provide extra sun protection,” says Mirela. “It’s important to change the skincare routine. Go for lighter hydrating creams to avoid breakouts.” Which makes perfect sense, considering that we don’t wear winter clothes in June! Try Skinceuticals’ C E Ferulic for dry skin, Phloretin CF for oily or combination skin, or Serum 10 AOX+ for sensitive skin or first time Vitamin C users. These L-Ascorbic Acid formulas are incredibly effective.

Most important of all – protect your skin from the sun! Free radicals that cause damage and cancer can be minimised with proper sun protection. Try a mineral sunscreen that blocks the sun’s UVB and UVA rays at the skin’s surface. Organic mineral sunscreens by Coola have a range of tinted suncreens in dewy or mattifying formulas. This ecologically savvycompany’s formulas are non-nanoized, meaning that the Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide mineral particles are too large to penetrate the skin. Enjoy the sun worry free.

Ryan Hudson