Have you ever dreamed of getting your makeup done by a professional makeup artist, but been too intimidated to book that appointment? Or because you don’t want to end up looking like everybody on Instagram? Or maybe you’re remembering a rushed service in a noisy and overwhelming big-brand store…

We love collabs!

At Annie Young, we want to get to know you a bit before any makeup brush strokes your face. In fact, there is nothing our roster of ultra-talented makeup artists love more than chatting with clients to discover who you really are, where you’re going, and what mood you’re in, as to create the makeup look that will truly enhance your unique features and personality.

The idea is to offer you an easy, friendly, completely custom experience in our beautiful penthouse makeup studio that overlooks a peaceful canopy of verdant trees in lush Westmount.

“We’re really different, in that we collaborate with each other and with every client who walks through the door. It’s never a cookie-cutter approach to beauty,” says Derek Lauscher, Makeup Artist and Teacher at the Annie Young School of Makeup.

“When we meet someone new, we always ensure we really understand what their goals are in terms of the service they’ve come in for: is it a makeup look for a cocktail party, a black tie event, or a photoshoot? Our clients are really diverse, so we always strive to meet their expectations in terms of beauty, whether they’re really into sophisticated looks with lots of contouring, highlighting and strobing, or more athletic, easygoing and down-to-earth.”

Unhurried Pace

“The first question I always ask a client is: ’Why are you here?’” says Francine Gagnon, a makeup artist with over 30 years of experience who has created countless flawless looks for brides and worked on big Hollywood movies, too. Francine has all the beauty expertise to make anyone feel welcome and beautiful: from the 15-year-old going to prom night, to a regular patron on the jet-set fundraising circuit. “Our makeup department’s goal is to make everyone feel special. We all need that.”

At Annie Young’s makeup department, you’re getting the professional experience with all the skills our talented makeup artists bring to the colour counter. The extensive resume of our diverse staff makes this possible. But before applying any makeup, clients get the skincare they need in order to make those shimmering hues and velvety textures come alive on healthy, dewy skin.

Maybe that’s why so many of our clients love coming back to Annie Young, because they enjoy one full hour of unhurried makeup application for a totally relaxing experience. And that is priceless.

Celeste Calder