You catch sight of yourself in a mirror fresh out of the salon. Your new blonde balayage is absolutely stunning, and you can’t wait to show it off at the pool. Only one problem: chlorine, the sun and salt water can have a really damaging effect on your hair colour. Fortunately, here are the best tips to keep your blonde looking healthy, shiny and beautiful.

Before even diving into the cool water, you can try one of two approaches. The first would be the prevention route and by keeping hair up and out of the water. Naturally minimising exposure to the water in the first place will keep your hair more pristine. But, of course, some of us love to swim and dive.

In that case, opt for effective hair colour protection. Deeply moisturising the hair with leave-in conditioner can help to create a natural barrier. You could opt for sprays or a conditioner with UV filters to protect your mane from the sun’s harmful rays, such as Revlon Uniq One Hair Treatment. In addition to lots of great benefits such as frizz control and shine boosters, it’s packed with UVA and UVB filters that offer specific colour protection. It also helps to repair dry and damaged hair, which colour treated hair is susceptible to (especially when exposed to chlorine or salt water). We also love that it comes in several delightful fragrance options Classic, Coconut, Lotus or Green Tea.

After swimming, make sure to rinse your hair promptly and do a proper cleanse at the end of a relaxing day. Remember to condition and you could consider using a mask once a week for a more in-depth treatment. Try Olaplex Hair Perfector or Kerasilk Control Intensive Smoothing Mask.

In addition to shampoo for blondes, if you sense that your colour is due for a little refresher, head back to the salon for a toner. It’s been said that blondes have more fun, so the little extra TLC required during the summer is totally worth it!

Celeste Calder