Nutritive Severely Dry Hair Set

Distributeur Kérastase

Hair set providing nourishing care designed to make hair supple and irresistibly soft to the touch. This set targets severely dry hair symptoms at the core with a custom routine for dry hair. The set includes a shampoo & conditioner and heat-protecting hair primer. The result is healthier hair through boosted nourishment and protection.

This set includes:

Bain Magistral, 250mL

Fundamental nutrition shampoo for dry to severely dry hair.

- Nourishes and smooths hair fiber
- Hair is easier to manage
- Provides nutrition and eliminates build-up

Fondant Magistral, 200mL

Fundamental nutrition conditioner for dry to severely dry hair.

- Benjoin Resin is a precious resin that recreates inner nutrition from within
- Irisome 4600PPM restores the hair fiber's nutrition balance from root to tip and protects hair from drying out
- Ceramide protects the hair fiber through its refractory properties
- Xylose gives heat protection to the hair

Nectar Thermique, 150mL

Leave-in treatment for hair nourishment.

- Protects dry hair from blow dry damages
- Eases styling
- Polishes the hair surface
- Anti roughness and anti dullness action
- Nourishes hair fiber
- Hair is left shiny
- Perfect glaze like finish