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WHAT IS IT? The only non-surgical body contouring treatment that can freeze and help remove fat from your body and neck. Developed by Harvard scientists,CoolSculpting® uses a patented and targeted coolingprocess to kill fat cells underneath the skin, specifically designed to treat fat around the stomach, flanks, inner thighs, back and now chin, underarm and knee.

HOW LONG IS A SESSION? A session takes about an hour, depending on the area being treated. During the session, feel free to read, watch a movie, surf the internet, or just sit back and relax.

HOW SOON CAN I SEE RESULTS? Results can be seen as early as three weeks following treatment, with the most dramatic results after one to three months*. To maintain the result, we suggest following a healthy lifestyle with diet and exercise.
*Individual results may vary.

IS IT SAFE? CoolSculpting is approved by Health Canada and it is our most popular treatment for body contouring, so rest assured that it is safe and effective. There is also no downtime required because the procedure is completely non-invasive. That means you can go back to your normal daily activities right after getting it done! Call us to schedule a free consultation and we’ll discuss all your questions regarding

Coolsculpting may also be used to redefine the shape of your face by getting rid of a recalcitrant fat surplus in the neck and chin. Contact one of our specialists for more information.


$0 consult

(Français) Vous désirez redéfinir la forme de votre visage en vous débarassant d’un surplus de gras récalcitrant? Le CoolSculpting est la solution pour vous. Communiquez avec l’un(e) de nos spécialistes pour obtenir plus