Ultherapy & Ultherapy Boost – The Non-surgical Face Lift

Lift, tone, and tighten – defy gravity without surgery!

What is ultherapy and can it really boost collagen? Science says it can!

As we age, collagen breaks down, resulting in a loss of strength and elasticity in our skin. Ultherapy steps in to jump-start the body’s own process, stimulating and producing new collagen and elastin. The result? Natural-looking skin tightening, toning, and lifting without surgery or downtime*. Through non-invasive ultrasound therapy, we can lift the neck, chin and brow; and improve lines and wrinkles on the upper chest in 30-90 minutes.

With ultrasound imaging, our laser technicians can see the layers of tissue they are treating, ensuring treatment is delivered to where it will be most beneficial. Book your free consultation below for Ultherapy, the non-surgical face lift.

*Result may vary.


Traditional Ultherapy works deep into the structural support layers of the skin. Some might call ultherapy the non-surgical face lift!

Ultherapy improves loose skin on the brow, neck, under the chin and even the décolletage (upper chest area). This treatment is most commonly recommended to patients who are 35+, however, our highly trained laser technicians will always recommend the most appropriate treatment for each individual.

Ultherapy Boost

Ultherapy Boost delivers ultrasound energy to the skin at a more superficial depth. It is an exceptional first step in Skin Rejuvenation for clients in their mid 20’s to 30’s who want to get ahead of certain signs of aging at great price.

It can treat fine lines, mildly sagging skin, and uneven texture in the lower half of the face and neck. Ultherapy Boost is not recommended for the brow (or upper portion of the face).

Both traditional Ultherapy and Ultherapy Boost can be combined with other non-invasive treatments such as BBL as well as Aesthetic Injectables.


How soon will I see results after an ultherapy treatment?

Some patients notice an immediate effect following the treatment, however the ultimate lifting and toning takes place over the two to three months following treatment as new collagen is produced. Results may continue to improve over the next three to six months, and can last a year or more.*

*Result may vary.

What should I expect during a treatment?

There are no pre or post-treatment skin care requirements associated with Ultherapy. There may be some discomfort while the energy is being delivered, however, it is temporary and tolerable. Perceptions of comfort vary by client and we take measures to make the experience as pleasant as possible. Clients leave comfortable and happy given the results in store.

How long is an ultherapy treatment?

Since Ultherapy is customized, the length of your treatment will depend on the area being treated and your individual treatment plan. For example, a treatment of the face and neck may take 60-90 minutes, while a treatment for the upper chest (or décolletage) may take only 30 minutes.

How much does ultherapy cost?

A treatment for a small area can start at $710. Financing plans are available for larger treatment areas.

How do I get started?

A consultation for an Ultherapy treatment with one of our hightly trained laser technicians is free. We get to understand your skin type, discuss your goals, review before and after photos, and work together on a treatment plan that is right for you.