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Swedish Massage

Swedish is a classic therapeutic massage designed to help muscles relax and gently alleviate stress.

Classic Swedish - 60 minutes
Classic Swedish - 90 minutes



An energy therapy focusing on relaxation and wellness that originates from Japan. Reiki practitioners use hands-on healing through which “universal energy” is transferred through the palms to the patient to encourage physical and emotional healing.
Reiki Technique -  60 minutes



Energy based holistic approach that aims to restore the flow of vital energy in order to improve vitality, release stress, improve sleep,ease pain and promote inner harmony.
Polarity Massage - 75 minutes $125

Deep Tissue Massage

Great for very athletic individuals who need an intense rubdown to relax muscles and promote recovery and relaxation.
Deep Tissue Massage -  60 minutes
Deep Tissue Massage -  90 minutes

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic massage is used to move waste fluids away by applying a gentle pressure on the injured area to help relieve pain.        
Lymphatic Drainage - 60 minutes $110 
Lymphatic Drainage - 90 minutes $150



Therapeutic Massage

Our expert massage therapists offer a wide array of techniques to address different levels of strains or discomfort present in the body.  
Therapeutic Massage - 60 minutes
Therapeutic Massage - 90 minutes

Hot Stone Massage

During hot stone massage, smooth, flat, heated volcanic stones (which retain heat) are placed on specific parts of the body to help ease tension.
Hot Stone Massage - 60 minutes
Hot Stone Massage - 90 minutes


Reflexology is the application of pressure to areas on the feet that corresponds to organs and systems of the body. It helps to alleviate stress.

Reflexology - 60 minutes
Reflexology - 30 minutes 



Prenatal massage enhances the function of muscles and joints and blood circulation.
Prenatal massage helps relieve mental and physical fatigue.        
Prenatal -  60 minutes
Prenatal -  90 minutes


Postnatal massage is meant to give both mental and physical relief to mothers who just went through the experience of giving birth
Postnatal -  60 minutes
Postnatal -  90 minutes

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