Top 2015 Summer Hair Trends

July 05, 2015
Top 2015 Summer Hair Trends

Top 2015 Summer Hair Trends To Try

Making a statement this summer is easier than ever with the 2015 summer hair trends. From relaxed and playful to bold and daring, there’s something perfect for everyone. Some trends don’t even require a new style, just a few accessories. Try all of them out and see which ones work best for you.

Slicked Back Hair

Forget about hiding oily hair. The trend this summer is the slicked back look. You can take advantage of your natural oils or add in a thick moisturizing oil to slick hair back from your face. It’s a bold statement, especially when you add waves or curls from the neck down.


Golden Hair Accessories

A simple way to look trendy this summer is to add a golden hair accessory. It could be something as simple as a larger golden hair pin or a thick golden head band. Gold matches everything, so it’s easy to incorporate.

Complex Ponytails

While simple ponytails are always popular, being a little more creative is more trendy in 2015. For instance, try a double layered ponytail or a twist on the classic French twist that ends in a ponytail. Experiment and have fun with this one. Sites like Pinterest will give you plenty of inspiration.

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Up-Do Braids

Messy braids are still stylish, but up-do braids are front and center this season. Wrap around braids, braided buns or even a French braid are all perfect. Add in some golden accessories for an even more trendy look.

Floral Accessories

Get ready to see flowers everywhere in 2015. Floral accessories such as a large flowery barrettes and hair pins are ideal for adding a bit of summer to your hair. Both large and small flowers are in style. Try pinning small ones to your braid or add a larger one just above your ear.

2015 summer hair trends my beauty bunny
Boho Wave

For the perfect casual, stylish look, try the Boho wave. These large, natural looking waves started gaining ground last year and have only grown more popular. They’re already being seen at large festivals. They’re easy to get, especially with longer hair.


Bad or Choppy Bobs

The “bad bob” or “lob” is cute and easy to manage during the summer. It’s also incredibly popular for 2015. It’s basically just a normal bob with choppy ends. It’s fun and definitely doesn’t conform to standards. That’s also the reason it’s getting more popular every day.


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