Beauty at your fingertips

May 15, 2014
Beauty at your fingertips

The most famous and well known among the area, Avanti le Spa and salon Montreal does not need any introduction. Avanti le Spa, which provides and facilitates its customers with best care as far as massage or hair and skin care are concerned.

Montreal Avanti Le Spa saloon is better known as the best hair dresser salon in the town. Montreal hair dresser is famous for its new, unique and trendy hairstyles. An extra ordinary pampered environment is established in Montreal Spa for its privileged customers. . This is simply amazing for all those who have once visited and experienced with Avanti le as there is no other salon and spa that provides competitive facilities and treatments. All the products that are being used in the spa are high in quality standards, hygiene and services.

For brides, the spa has different offers and those who begin a new journey from this spa keep on visiting here as they do not find the similar satisfactory products in other spas. Montreal spa specially keeps in mind that they do not have to take risk as far as their customers are concerned and therefore they do not take any chance. Many regular customers quoted Montreal’s Avanti Le Spa- best destination for their day to day hair problems.

So, to explore that wow factor of your personality you have to visit Avanti le Spa- Montreal’s best spa and salon. This is the spot where you will discover a new you! So, experience the best spa in town!

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6900 Boul. Décarie
Montreal, Québec
H3X 2T8

(514) 739-2575

Open 7 days a week
Free parking